Saturday, September 17, 2011

Norwegian Cinnamon Buns

It's been a long time since I last baked something from HTBADG and updated this blog...blame it on the BLTs. They've gone on a strike and all my pants are groaning about them. Instead of spreading the extra 2kg evenly, they've decided to convene at all the wrong places. Sigh, the MOTH was right - straight from the lips, right to the thighs. I have a great suspicion that with age, my metabolic rate's slowing down and all these yummy bakes are taking a longer time to burn! Anyway, I'm back and am choosing to blame the 2kgs on happiness. Even better, as my accupuncturist said, my system's healthier now and am absorbing nutrients better. Hah!

So today, we have the Norwegian Cinnamon Buns. Looking at the recipe, I was a bit worried if there was an error in the type of flour being used. I mean, they're buns=bread, so I expect to use bread flour as is with previous cinnamon buns I've baked. Nigella used plain flour with lots of yeast. In case, it really was an error, I did half a recipe. Well, it turned out great! The texture of the buns were much like brioche- much softer though and just as light. I baked it for tea and right out of the oven, we were in cinnamon bun heaven. Definitely a keeper and I'd add chopped nuts the next time I do this.

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