Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pink Grapefruit Tart


I got a few pink grapefruits awhile ago and because they are such tart fruits, I didn't fancy eating them like I would an orange or slice it into salads. Just too zingy for me. I had just received the spring issue of Donna Hay magazine and they had a few pages dedicated to Citrus Tarts- How To Cook. What a coincidence! I made the sweet shortcrust pastry which was easy with a food processor then went on to cook the custard. Recipe was typical with cream, egg yolks and sugar. Added grapefruit juice into the custard, whisk them together and pour the custard though a sieve into the blind-baked tart shell. The whole tart on it's own was pleasant. Not at all citrusey which was perfect for the children. But I followed Donna Hay's recommendation to eat it with freshly-sliced grapefruits and cream. Epic-tart!!!

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