Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chocolate Cheesecake

It seems like ages ago since I last baked something isn't it? True, true... while the children were on their 2-week mid-term break, I took a little break, too. The MOTH scored major points with me when he suggested that I take a holiday sans kids!!! I was like - serious? Short of asking him what wrong did he do (naaah..love him to bits), truth was, I wasn't going ask too many questions or pretend that I'll miss the kids (oh, all right...maybe a tiny bit) because I may just lose the opportunity altogether! Wicked.... Long story short, the MOTH applied for a couple of days off from work to babysit HIS children and I booked my ticket for a long weekend Down Under. So before I left (call it my guilty conscience or what not), I baked this don't-forget-to-miss-me Chocolate Cheesecake. It was very, very good. I attempted to marble the cheesecake instead of folding it in evenly but my heavy-handedness in dolloping the melted chocolate messed it up. So I had some wodges of chocolate amidst the smooth cheese. Clearly, nobody noticed the botched job because the three enjoyed it so much that the whole cake was finished before the weekend ended. Or reckon they had it as 3 meals a day??

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