Monday, July 25, 2011

Cappuccino Cupcakes

I love this more than the Espresso Cupcake. The golden coffee sponge is so light and fluffy that when picked up, the cupcake actually feels light! I've always baked and served these without the icing. Why? White chocolate is used to make the icing. A little info: white chocolate isn't actually chocolate. It's cocoa butter. So the flavour's very milky and disgustingly sweet. It's always very fiddly to cook or bake with white chocolate or even to temper it because it's volatile and you'll need to always adjust the sugar you use. But for the benefit of many, I did the icing this time. It was interesting....the sour cream took the sweetness of the white chocolate many times away but the powdered sugar required to thicken the icing and turn it from opaque yellowish to white pretty much doubles the original sweetness. I stopped sifting them in once it was sweet. I didn't want to ruin the great cupcake's taste with royal icing! So, you can see underneath the sifted cocoa is the thin layer of opaque white chocolate icing. Love, love, love Cappuccino Cupcakes.

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