Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Torta Alla Gianduia

Too complicated sounding? Less fancily, Nutella Cake. Yes, a large jar of that sugar-laden chocolate hazelnut spread went into the cake. But you know what? Didn't taste the Nutella at all. By not having anymore sugar added to the mixture and using dark chocolate, the cake was perfectly balanced. In fact, I could taste the dark chocolate (100gms) more than Nutella (375gms) in the cake. I expected the cake to be much lighter with the whisked egg whites folded into the mixture but it turned out to be a dense cake, as you can see. But I could be wrong because after I topped the cake with ganache and hazelnuts, I popped it into the fridge. In our weather, ganache don't do very well at room temperature. It could may well be softer had it been outside. Nevertheless, it's a cake that has to be to be taken with coffee or tea. It somewhat lack the wow factor though... and I opened a new bottle of Frangelico for this! Looks like I've got to have the girls over and have a couple of shots each!

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