Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cinder Toffee

Since the Spanish Macaroons didn't go down well with the children (that's okay because now there's more for me!), I thought I'd do something more down their alley - Cinder Toffee. I've seen this done on telly but nothing prepared me for the real thing than actually doing it. Nigella did give very precise instructions in the recipe and excellent descriptions on the "special effects" coming from this honeycomb but I still let out a couple of "whoa!"s and "oohhh"s... Do use the recommended size of pot and tin because by using anything less, you're in for a big mess. When the caramel's ready, get your kids in to watch you ceremoniously whisk in the bicarb. There's a happy song somewhere when you see the caramel foam all the way up to the rim of the pot. It does turn into a sudsy and opaque golden cloud. If you don't want to encourage the kids to bounce off the wall, halve the recipe.

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