Monday, April 18, 2011

Small Mushroom Tarts

I'm eating this as I type. What a great lunch! These little pies are scrumptious. In the book, the small tomato and muhroom pies share the same polenta pastry for their base. Just like the Johnnycakes, polenta (or maize meal) adds some grit to the crust but not too much for the young ones to notice. I chose to do the mushroom version instead of using tomatoes and olives because the latter isn't popular with under-18s. I used fresh shiitake and white button mushrooms for the base filling that was sauteed with butter and garlic. Followed by a layer of parmesan. I'd definitely shave a bit more the cheese next time. Topped it with sauteed Portobello mushrooms and a squeeze of lemon. Didn't add the créme fraiche because I was bringing it to school for the kids' quick lunch before Taekwondo. The cream will turn sour in our weather. I'll double the recipe next time if the MOTH's home for lunch.

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