Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I don't know who Johnny is but I think he may be a Mexican. This is basically griddle cakes with cornmeal added to the batter. More cornmeal than flour. So, the results are gritty pancakes. No complaints about them because it's a good way to get grains into the kids' diet. But I'd highly recommend them as a savoury breakfast option instead of matching them with maple syrup or chocolate sauce as you would with regular pancakes. It's great with streaky bacon and scrambled eggs. The Johnnycakes must be eaten hot off the pan, get them a bit more brown and crispy at the sides. I had a couple at room temperature with syrup...yukks. So I went back to the stove and made a few hot ones. Slap a chunk of butter and raspberries ....very good. Had to be the raspberries' tartness with the salted butter, strong flavours - excelente!

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